Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Megan fox pics. Crazy pics.

Megan fox pics. Fresh pics...
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How did Megan Fox) by BLACK to BROWN ?!!?!?!( pictures? from http / / images.askmen.com/galleries/celeb-profiles-actress/megan-fox/pictures/megan-fox-picture-7.jpg http / / www.resimcim.net/resimler/yabanci-mankenler/megan- Fox bakis-resimleri-120263194079-buyuk.jpg to http / / www.meganfoxfans.net/images/Megan_Fox_Picture_08.jpg http / / www.judiciaryreport.com/images/megan-fox-7-9-08-2.jpg I Purplish / reddish-black hair and I want to have brown hair. I pulled it once, but the hairdresser couldnt it's more purple now!
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Megan fox naked. Like it.

Megan fox naked. Extra Pictures:

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It should say something to her husband? I grabbed my husband's cell phone by mistake (which have the same type and color). I snooped. I looked at his text messages and had a few in him and his friend were talking about film Jennifers Megan FOXS Board. My husband told me she learned that her friend naked and said her right? I heard that the movie sux but then my husband said yes, but seeing that it may be worthwhile just to see Fox in the nude. I tell myself that its just a stupid remark with nothing more than that, it doesn't matter, because who does not want to see a celebrity naked at one time or another. The truth is what really bothers me is that he could text / talk like that, made me see a different light. I can not believe he was talking about seeing naked, his friend is unique and has yet to mention this. However, my husband a text message this message. It hurts going to talk about another woman like this (even if it is a very sexy looking for celebrities). I guess I'm afraid that its not just about Megan Fox How many other girls out there has been talking with your partner to see naked ... Im afraid that since this took me by surprise, that there are things that others do not know about. Is he cheating on me and I just do not know (not Fox, of course .. duh ... not in a million years)? Shoud I say something? And if I let it go, I think I eat and I will want to keep looking over their texts to make sure it isn't. Im afraid this will make me not trust him anymore. (Theres so much going through my mind now and I wonder if they really know. We've been married for 8 years and have children. I do not think Ive ever felt this insecurity.
Watch her S-E-X-T-A-P-E video here...